A Facebook friends comment and my response “kinda”

I was told today that I am a far right extremist, a very Interesting thought while I have never heard someone say that to me. It does kind of make some sense that someone would believe that. I do live in a area that is politically very conservative and you could probably make a decent guess of someone’s political viewpoints on what they post to social media and to be honest I post a lot.

Am I an extremist you could probably say that to some degree I do believe that the constitution shouldn’t be change so easily and I’m not taking about Gay marriage since i’m not sure if that is a constitution issue, i personal think it is more of a social issue, I think its the same way for LGBT for me its more about the 1st 2nd and 4th amendments shouldn’t be change and they are to some degree because of “Patriot act” and “CISPA”

Or could it be because I am a Christian, while I don’t think that is the case. You could probably make a strong-ish argument that because of Jerry Falwell’s and his Moral Majority that most left leaning people think all Christian are Right leaning which isn’t true.

So I’m stuck here wondering why I am or why I would be considered a far right extremist. It is a very interesting thought. if I am an extremist what does that make the other person? Does it make them a far left extremist and what are they comparing me too? There has to be an example to say that I am that far right.

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