A mild misspelled post: The Last Five Years

five years

Five years, one hundred and fifty three days, twenty hours and fifty-seven minutes, was the day I was laid off from my last job. For some that may seem a little arbitrary that I would keep such precise recollection of the day I was laid off. But let me tell you why, these last five years have been a combination of misery, depression, struggle, Joy, Hope and fellowship.

I used worked for a great company and during my tenure there, I had an amazing opportunity with another company to do something one 180 degrees different from what I was doing. This new opportunity was actually pretty amazing reflecting back on it. But I turned it down because honestly I love what I was doing don’t get me wrong I complained about it more then I should have, but I loved it. About six months later I was pulled into my boss’s office and was told that they were letting me go I was a little more stoic about it then because I knew the housing bubble had popped and a lot of people were being let go but I was stilled heartbroken I mean I gave up another job making a lot more money because I loved the company I worked for, I would even go as far as to say I loved everyone I worked with.

So after the dust had settled with being newly unemployed I took a week off to relax, thinking it would be fairly easy to find some sort of employment well the jokes was on me because a year later I lost my house. So I did what any self-respecting person would do at that moment I called my parents and asked them if my room was still available so I moved back in with my parents. after moving in with my parents and restarting my search for employment I continued to get dear Jon letters from places I applied. They normally went something like “Dear Jon thank you for applying but we decided to go another direction” it is better than “good luck in your further endeavors” but not by much. so after a year after getting Dear Jon letters, My dad the serial entrepreneur asked me if I would like to try my had at making a business with him. So I did, we started an online media company called Old Guy Tech TV and I’ve enjoy the experience. I’ve been able to meet some amazing people, I’ve been able to go to a few trade show I’ve always wanted to see and I was able to create a show called Reel Flix Review with a couple Good friends.

Besides losing a job I was never going to leave, losing my house I was never going to sell and moving back in with my parents which I never wanted to do. There is some blessing in not have a job. I was able to meet some amazing people, during this time I met a man named Ben he and is wife where church planters and they felt God tell them to move to El Dorado Hills so I met with ben and a small group of people for a couple of years and for the first time in my life I felt content You see as a Christian I’ve never really felt content with the version of fellowship the modern day church teaches. With this group I was living life with them I was praying with them and reading the word of God with them. then tragedy struck Bens wife was diagnosed with cancer and the group pushed harder towards God and help ben and his wife out as much as we could, but sadly she passed away and the group went its separate ways but we still stayed in touch and helped as much as we could.

I’ve also had the chance to rekindle relationships with an old high school friend and for a time met with him a few times a week and lived life with him. And about a year ago I met an amazing woman and have had the time of my life with her it has been a major blessing to share my life with her I love being with her and around her.

This in short is what I meant by these last five years have been a combination of misery, depression, struggle, Joy, Hope and fellowship. These last five years have had a strange dichotomy it has been both some of the best times of my life and worst times of my life. but I wouldn’t trade them… well almost wouldn’t trade them I would love to say that my faith is stronger now than 5 years ago personally I feel it is weaker, but I have the sneaky feeling that my faith is the same and God used the last five years to open my eyes to that. He has answered some prayers, I think he answered my biggest prayer ( I will let you guess what it is though) But in truth I’m not happy where I am in life I want more and I don’t mean stuff, I have enough stuff for a small family of four. But I want more faith, more God, More Fellowship. I want more.

As of writing this I’m still looking for a job or career I’m still looking, still hoping and still pray for few things in life that I want. So if you’re the praying type say a prayer for me if you would. Also if you’re an editor I would love talk to you

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