A misspelled Rant

With in the next 50 to 100 years I have no doubt that America as we know it will be gone. this country is no longer the melting pot of civilization. Instead it has been replaced by a hodgepodge of idiocrasy and lunacy.

Between increasing governmental debt and student loans that are so high and so many that it’s almost to the level of absurd. the future of this country is going to be at hock until the end of time. We’re going to have PhD’s making McDonald’s money instead of a McDonald’s employees becoming PhDs

Instead of stately politicians we have children disguised as adults they are nothing but a petulant pain the ass who don’t really care what the average plebeian has to say. Instead of helping they sit in their ivory tower deciding our future.

Instead of working on the economy and generating jobs they make stupid decisions on Banning flags and health care while the latter maybe an issue for some, The lack of movement on the former is enough to make anybody cry redrum from the nearest rooftop. They neither care about you or me or the issues that we hold most dear instead they care more about lining their purses and their pocketbooks then what affects the average person

While I’m not somebody who would cry for revolution I am somebody who at least cry’s for change and unfortunately the so-called hope and change that we have gotten lately would make Stanley Kubrick jealous of this cinematic masterpiece even Leo Tolstoy would marvel at it’s well written narrative and preconceived notion’s instead of what it should be a well written and well thought out change.

This Country used to be based on the idea that you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t affect me and mine instead we have a narrative that if I’m offended you cannot live your life. since when do we let the majority or the minority affect the other. While I personally hold some truths to be self-evident that being a Christian worldview who am I to judge others if they want to live there life according to there own morals for I am not God I will treat them as well as I treat everybody else with love and respect.

This country has become nothing but a parody of its once former Glory

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