An Open Letter to my Son

My Son There are so many important life lessons That I hope to impart to you as my days grow older.

With Your journey called life having just having began a few years ago there are a myriad of challenges that lay before you. Some of those challenges I hope I can guide you through. some unfortunately My son I must watch you struggle through.

I must confess to you that it will be the hardest thing i will ever have to do because as a father all I want to do is save you from the world or from yourself If that becomes necessary.

But the most important lesson I can teach you is this

You are probably more then just confused by seeing a picture of a fist. But the hand is the most powerful tool you will ever use.

You see A hand can be used to save drowning man or kill him. A fist can be used to help an enemy or create one. It can be used To write a Beautiful sonnet or hate-filled diatribe.

Understand my son while the mind is used to decided what to do. The hand has to turn that decision into action, it’s very easy to decided what to do, but not always as easy to act on that decision.

Knowing when too act, to either lower your hand or to raise your fist is something that you as a man must decided for your self. It is not something that can easily be taught but I will lend you what I have noticed in my life. if the spirit convicts you, then my son you have chosen poorly, if the spirt confirms you, then you have chosen wisely.

Choosing wisely does not always mean going with the crowd, to stand on ones own often means to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. but don’t let what is uncomfortable stand in the way of doing what is right. A lesson I must confess to you that at the moment of writing this I am still learning.

And with closing of this letter I have one more small lesson I want to impart to you. As you have read through this letter you have hopefully seen the spelling and punctuation mistakes. I left them in on purpose, Life is a lot like this letter there are lots of mistakes along the way but the content is what matters most always seak the heart. sometimes the shallowest well can have the deepest draw.

I love you.

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