Book ideas that would never sell, But would make you laugh.

We’ve all been to the book store and wondered “has anyone actually bought his book.” Well here a list of books that I don’t think would sell. But would make you laugh

  • Rodney kings guide to self defense
  • Bill Cosby dating tips
  • Jack kevorkian 50 tips to better health
  • Bill Clinton: how to have a healthy marriage
  • Pamela Anderson celibacy and Me
  • George A Custer: guide to foreign relations
  • George Donner: guided tours of the Sierra
  • Nevada’s
  • Walt Disney – A guide to public domain
  • M night Shyamalan: Proper technique in directing movies
  • Authentic Brotherly Love by Cain
  • Hotel Hospitality by H.H. Holmes
  • Jeffrey Dahmer’s ultimate guide for dating and recipe’s

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