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why do people blame Guns? I truly do not understand, Isn’t a firearm just a tool, like a shovel, A hammer or a nail gun. why is blaming the firearm and not the person exactable will restricting firearms lower violence… no it will not. in stead of restricting firearms shouldn’t we promote talking about what is wrong with you and why you are angry. Shouldn’t we teach children how to be safe with firearms and not scared of them? Shouldn’t we teach people to take responsibility for there actions. I Don’t understand I’ve been around guns my whole life I’ve been shooting since i was 4 had my first gun at 8 and I have never wanted to kill anyone, But I was also raised with the belief that I reap what I sow. 

I know I have been talking about firearms a lot, But it saddens me that people are willing to limit a freedom or takeaway freedom because of a horrific advent, instead we should become coming together to help those people. Can one person truly destroy the freedoms of others. I realize that I am just talking about Guns but I see more then just that I see a change a dangerous change.

What happens if some ones words end up causing someone’s death will those freedoms be limited as well? But for me it is a reminder of where I place my trust not in man or mans creation, But in the one that created man. I have been praying for the loss of those lives and I am deeply saddened about what happened today. Some may say that I am just being cold hearted, But I am not maybe it is poor timing on my part.

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