Raspberry PI

Do you want Raspberry Pi? But instead of a fruit filled confection it’s a small $35 dollar computer that has a lot of uses it does require some basic computer knowledge and being able to program would help a skill that I haven’t yet acquired.

So what I’ve been using is a Raspberry Pi B2, a hifi berry DAC (Digital Analog Convert) and software called Volumio, to create an Airplay audio receiver. The reason why I am using the Raspberry Pi in this way is I have an old Audio & Video Receiver that lacks some of the modern goodies that a brand new receiver has goodies like well DLNA & Air Play. So for about $60 including the price of the Hifi berry  DAC I have an airplay receiver that I can plug into any receiver or speakers and stream directly from my cellphone or tablet and as long as I am in range of my wifi router I am good to go.

One you find a use for one you keep thinking on what else you can do with one, their kind of like pringles “once you pop, you just can’t stop”  there are already a ton of projects and instructions on what you can do with a Raspberry Pi. I hope you check them out and get your geek on

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