Reflection of Self: A Strange Amount of Grace 

A friend of mine, once told me about the hazards of working in ministry. The very real problem, of working in a Kingdom facing environment. 

Is that Sometimes the people that need the most amount of grace are the people who are helping others meet and fallow Jesus. One of the very real problems, when you work in an environment that is kingdom focused is sometimes you are too ready to take offense to what others in your ministry are doing especially when you don’t see the most important question of all “why” why are they doing what they are doing, “why” has this particular ministry or project become more important then what you have been working on.

Sometimes I think grace is harder to practice in a “church” business environment especially when your business is doing “church”. The people that attend “church” don’t always get to see behind the curtain, they don’t always get a chance to break the fourth wall. The business of “church” is complicated at best and hypocritical at its worst. Its like riding a unicycle on a tightrope it requires a lot of balance and a whole lot of prayer, that is why sometimes I think grace is harder to practice when you work in a “church” business environment because you can become too focused on staying on that tightrope. But that is not to say that all Churches are like that, but I think the threat of that is always there if they don’t focus on the “why” The “why” is the single most important question to ask your self when you work in ministry and if you don’t have the answer to the “why” then there is a real threat of falling of that tightrope 

The reason why the “why” is so important is because the “why” is an internal question with external consequences. Like for example “why” should I keep doing (insert ministry here) when I get so mad or so sad. The “why” is a moment of reflection a second to contemplate and pray if your in the right place. believe it or not pastors even ask them selves the “why” question. Asking why is never a bad thing even if your parents said the opposite when you were younger

So what do you do when you have answered the “why” question. I guess it depends on what your answer is. Someone once told me “that most pastors are one Sunday from being burned out” and it made me wonder maybe the answer to the “why” question will always be “I’ve had enough” if there isn’t enough time with God. Maybe it’s not so much why am I not enjoying this but why haven’t I been enjoying this. 

In the end I guess this is all one mans opinion mixed with a little experience. all I can say is if your volunteering or being paid for ministry try not to take it so seriously that you miss the most important part of working in ministry helping people meet and fallow Jesus. Because without Jesus what is the point of doing any of it at all. 

Like the title of this post says, sometimes those in ministry need a strange amount of grace. 

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