safe spaces and unicorns

You know what really pisses me off, Safe spaces what type of namby-pamby nimby Bullshit is that. What are we teaching children today if you don’t like something go to your “safe space and hug a unicorn”. That somehow every one really loves each other and all you really have to do is sit in a circle bang on a drum while channeling there chakra. Give me a break this world is full of scary people, but you know who isn’t scary someone one sharing the beliefs. That’s right cupcake the CIS meat puppet who’s telling you why you shouldn’t vote for Bernie is not that scary and if him and or her is scaring you need to get a reality check there snow flake.

Do you know who you should be scarred of sister, is that middle eastern psychopath who’s throwing people off of buildings and cutting there damn heads off all because some guy thinks that guy over the is cute… and you know what you’re the type of people they love to terrorize. why because your too busy hugging unicorns and saving the rain forest then to see the truth of the matter, your so worried about being offended that any other world view then yours makes you go run to mommy.

You want to take guns away because they “hurt people” you know what there their nimby boy they also save people too. what you don’t like that go up to your friendly neighborhood cop and ask him why he has one or go ask your dad or grandfather they probably bleed for this country, they get the fact that sometime they only was to stop a bad guy is to send a good guy with a gun.

And Give up on the idea of the counterculture it died when the original hippies finally sobered up after a decade of drug induced delirium, when they realized that nobody really gives a rip about them. you want to make a difference in the world, go feed the homeless, go find a veteran who’s dying on the streets because the VA is too busy building red tape then to save someone you fucking hypocrite.  that’s right I called you a hypocrite if you don’t like that go play in the streets.

And no I’m not angry I’m tired. I am tired of people like you robbing the best thing about this country; you know what that is right SON? Then let me tell you what it is, It’s the free exchange of ideas that’s right there nimby boy it’s the fact that I can sit at a coffee shop and freely talk about the world with anyone from eight to eighty Your so scarred of anything else but your pedantic pathetic world view that your destroying my country and I say my country because obviously you don’t understand why it’s such a great county.

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