Why Violence is NEVER always the answer

Here in the United States we don’t have a Violence issue, we have a Respect Issue And it’s on a personal level, a society level and a political level. I know people who I believe are left of Trotsky, but I still respect them. We may disagree on everything from political ideology to what type of sandwich spread to use but they are still people.

Yes they may think that we evolved from monkeys and I believe we are made in the image of God, but either way all this vitriolic hatred most stop, this county cannot take anymore. Whatever happened to we will have to agree to disagree. Instead it’s more like a black guy at a KKK rally someone is going to get hurt and it is not healthy who ever does. Yes I may disagree with you, I might even think your Fucking Nuts. But I respect you as a Human Being, I Respect you as someone who I believe is made in the image of God, I Respect you as a precious life

I also don’t want to legislate morality but what I do want is a discussion between to people on what they believe, we may not leave as buddies or even friends. But why does everything always have to come to violence, It is fucking ridicules that two adults cannot sit down and talk without violence. It should never be about who has the biggest battleship but who has the biggest hart. But you don’t have to take my word for you don’t even have to love me, but if you’re reading this I respect you for taking your time to read my rant and sorry about the spelling mistakes.

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